Building software is our passion. We've had years of experience building all kinds of systems in a range of industries. Now, we are incredibly excited about delivering software through the "cloud". Yes, it's a buzzword but it truly is revolutionizing how small companies like ours can provide enterprise-grade, mission critical applications to businesses like yours.

The cloud is where we harness millions of dollars of infrastructure and best practices to provide our customers with software that is secure, robust and resilient. In the cloud, we can offer enterprise level features that would have been out of reach for all but the largest businesses 10 years ago. All in a simple, pay-as-you-go model that requires no long term contracts and no upfront investment in equipment or licensing.

We are building our software using the latest Internet standards (like HTML5) to give you an amazing experience from any device. If you like acronyms, and you want to know what is "under the hood"  of our software, you can check out our custom development page here.

Our first product helps businesses schedule and manage their work forces. We call it shiftonomy.