Today’s shift workers are distributed, mobile and online. Whether it's professionals in on-call environments such as physicians in emergency departments or part-time workers in the burgeoning services sector who may be juggling many different jobs, it is tough to ensure you have the right people at the right time and place. It’s a struggle to build and communicate schedules that accommodate changing demands while keeping costs contained.

shiftonomy answers this challenge with a software service that combines a powerful scheduling engine with web 2.0 technologies to engage your employees and communicate work schedules any time, using any device.

Managers can publish schedules, alert staff to changes, fill last minute vacancies through the “shift marketplace” and generate reports and summaries. All changes to schedules and communications to and from employees are tracked and auditable, putting an end to short staffing because somebody didn’t get the message!

Staff will enjoy the flexibility of using the marketplace to swap shifts with co-workers or accept new shifts, receive automated reminders through their mobile devices, and view consolidated schedules that combine shifts from different jobs.

shiftonomy will cure your scheduling headaches by ensuring that everybody always has access to current information, and by allowing interaction with staff when schedules need to change.

We are currently in early beta testing with shiftonomy but you see some of the product here.